When redeeming your Living Social/Groupon deals please complete ALL of the  following steps EXACTLY:

1) Enter your name and email address in the box to the right to download the getting started guide.

2) Click on the class schedule link above and click the link on that page that says “register for classes”

3) Create a profile then send an email to: with your name and voucher number.  You will receive an email response once your classes have been loaded into your profile. your classes cannot be added without doing this!!!

4) sign up for the classes you would like to attend (you do not have to schedule all classes at once).  if you can’t attend a class that you’ve signed up for you must cancel on the site or you will lose that class.

5) Dress in comfortable workout clothes and shoes, bring water, boxing gloves, a towel, and a positive attitude :-) UNLEASHED CHARGES $2 PER CLASS FOR EACH CLASS THAT YOU TAKE

6) Contact Rob at or 401-359-4652 (call or text)

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